Friday, October 17, 2008

D’Cost, Which Is Not So Costly

January 5 2007 my family and I tried a quite new seafood restaurant named D’COST in Sports Mall, Kelapa Gading. It is the second branch of the original one in Kemang area. I heard about this cheap restaurant from one of my friends, so I asked my parents to give it a try. Well, we really wanted to compare it with Ikan Bakar Cianjur (IBC, my previous blog) about the price range and of course the taste too. So we went there to have lunch (it was around 1 pm). It was not so crowded so the steward directly served a 4-seat table for us.

Well, really, after seeing the menus, we were a little bit shocked that rice costs only a thousand rupiahs per person with unlimited portion. The same thing with the tea (100 rupiahs) and ice tea (250) per person. Both of them are unlimited too. Even the sweet ice tea costs only 500 hundred rupiahs. They really press the profit margins here. So we ordered a fried fish, fried squids with flour, butter-sauced fried shrimps, 3 portions of cooked leafy vegetables, and 4 glasses of ice tea.

Seeing the fact that the portions of most the main courses were quite small, we realized their moderate profit margins, but it is still reasonable though. Because the rice was in unlimited version, we asked for some additional rice for 2 persons.
Honestly we felt quite satisfied with these prices. But prices would always be walking in the same path with the taste. The most suitable size of the visitors is 2-4 persons each table, compared with the portions. The bill was a little less than 110000 rupiahs (@27500 per person), including 3 glasses of fruit juices for us for the dessert. The price is very reasonable and the taste is okay, although the portion is very small. So, keep the “5-star foods with 5-feet prices” motto up, D’Cost!!

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Jenny said...

hati2 anakku... inget sekarang ada undang2 yang bisa menuntut pembuat blog dengan tuduhan pencemaran nama baik melalui milis.

bukannya apa, jangan terlalu blak2an dalam mengkritik sesuatu, jangan sampai milis yang omni hospital internasional terulang pada loe... GBU