Friday, October 17, 2008

Bakmi GM : The Legendary Chinese Noodle

January 4 2007 was my grandmother’s 73rd birthday. So My family and I went to Bakmi GM restaurant in Gajah Mada Street, Central Jakarta. We often dine there. It was founded in 1970s, started from a food cart and as big as now with some other branches in Puri Indah and Pondok Indah Mall. Bakmi GM is a very famous Chinese noodle restaurant compared with other legendary similar restaurants. Its taste is nicer and friendlier for the fans, but the price is almost the same with the others and the segmentation is for all markets.

The most favorite menus in Bakmi GM are fried wontons, Chinese noodles and fried rice or noodles. Everybody who comes there will always order the fried wontons. They are tender and crispy. They cost around 17000 rupiahs per portion (10 pcs). The sauce is great too. Differs with kinds of fried menus, when we talk about those menus, we talk about the chefs who cooked them. This original restaurant of Bakmi GM has the original taste and way of cooking. Our tongues surely can differentiate the taste of the same menus from different branches of Bakmi GM. This place is the best.
The other menus such as meatballs, steamed raviolis, various cooked vegetables and others taste very common. Well, although one’s sense of tasting is vary with other ones; I believe I had seen some other tables in some different moments with their own menus about what are the favorites and the dislikes of the visitors.

Finally we received the bill and we paid it. Cost around 35000 rupiahs per person (7 members) after we ordered 8 favorite main courses, 2 portions of wontons, 2 portions of steamed raviolis, and 7 glasses of ice teas. Well, it was not too expensive for this class of restaurant. They do deliveries too while servicing visitors from 11 am to 10 pm.

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